Prof. James Petras – President Obama’s Race for the “Imperial Legacy”: A World of Chaos and Disintegration

President Obama is racing forward to establish his imperial legacy throughout Russia, Asia and Latin America.

            In the last two years he has accelerated the buildup of his military nuclear arsenal on the frontiers of Russia.  The Pentagon has designed a high tech anti-missile system to undermine Russian defenses.

In Latin America, Obama has shed his shallow pretense of tolerating the center—left electoral regimes.  Instead he is has joined with rabid authoritarian neo-liberals in Argentina; met with the judges and politicians engineering the overthrow of the current Brazilian government; and encouraged the emerging far-rightwing regimes in Peru under Keiko Fujimori and Colombia under President Santos.

In Asia, Obama has clearly escalated a military build-up threatening China’s principle waterways in the South China Sea.  Obama encouraged aggressive and violent separatist groupings in Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjian and Taiwan.  Obama invites Beijing billionaires to relocate a trillion dollars in assets to the ‘laundry machines’ of North America, Europe and Asia.  Meanwhile he has actively blocked China’s long-planned commercial ‘silk route’ across Myanmar and west Asia.

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