‘Professor Watchlist’ Names Progressive Academics Who Supposedly Show a Liberal Bias

A conservative activist organization named Turning Point USA (TPUSA) has released a “Professor Watchlist” to provide information about university academics across the United States who “advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

Turning Point—a nonprofit organization that promotes right-wing values of free markets and limited government and connects with young, college-age conservatives—targets nearly 200 professors for purportedly displaying liberal bias. The sources of the information are primarily news sites such as Campus Reform, The College Fix and Hypeline, which is also run by Turning Point. The offenses of the professors listed include promoting a ban on guns, shutting down hate speech, blaming patriarchy for sexual assaults, linking Donald Trump with slavery, and suggesting that children should be raised without racial prejudices.

Turning Point doesn’t just give the professors’ names and supposed bias incident. The list also includes where they teach, what they teach and publicly available photos of them. The work is being done to “expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students,” according to the TPUSA website. The creation of the watch list is still in progress, and students are encouraged to submit names of professors. However, only those who “have already been reported somewhere else” will be added.

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