The Progressive Commentary Hour – 09.01.21

Dr. Lawrence – Larry — Sanger is an internet developer, consultant, educator, philosopher and the co-founder of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, a name that he first coined. After departing Wikipedia shortly after having co-founded it, he has been one of its sharpest critics. Notably he is critical of its fundamental structure of content generated by non-experts and individuals who remain anonymous, and the ideological biases that increasingly fill Wikipedia’s entries.  Later, Larry worked on many other online encyclopedia projects including Encyclopedia of Earth, Everipedia and more Ballotpedia, which specializes in politics.  He is the founding chairman of the Knowledge Standards Foundation, which comprises a global group of volunteers dedicated to creating an encyclosphere or a decentralized network that connects all the encyclopedias in the world. Dr. Sanger is a graduate of Reed College and later received his doctorate in philosophy and ethics from Ohio State University, where he later taught.  Larry’s personal site, which hosts his blog, is LarrySanger.org and his Foundation’s website is Encyclosphere.org


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