Progressive Commentary Hour – Dr. Piers Robinson – 08.25.21

Dr. Piers Robinson is the co-founder of the Organization for Propaganda Studies– which conducts rigorous academic analysis on propaganda and its manipulative methods of persuasion.  He is also the founder of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media.  In the past his research has analyzed the propaganda surrounding 911, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the White Helmets and the false claims about Syria’s use of chemical weapons, and what has been termed as the CNN Effect — news coverage and televised images as a means to exercise foreign policy and military interventions. Much of Dr Robinson’s current attention has been on propaganda behind official Covid-19 pandemic narratives. Piers holds a doctorate in communications and the media from the University of Bristol, and has taught at the universities of Liverpool, Manchester and most recently at Sheffield University where he held the chair for Politics and Society. His websites are PiersRobinson.wordpress.com and PropagandaStudies.ac.uk and SyriaPropagandaAndMedia.org


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