Progressive Film Hour – Conscious Birthing – Creating A Better World in 9 Months – 03.10.15

life imitates birth trailerThis week, there are two films being featured on the theme of Conscious Conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond.  These films focus on the in utero experience of the embryo-fetus-infant, from conception forward, as the formative time of human development. It’s a fascinating period of time too frequently neglected in understanding human nature, attitudes, behavior and intelligence.

The first film is Life Imitates Birth 
by filmmaker, Monica Matos, Ten Moons Rising.
Watch the Trailer:
The second film is
Gift for the Unborn Children,
its writer, Laura Uplinger.
gift of unborn child trailer
Watch the Trailer:

Filmmaker Monica Matos (Life Imitates Birth) and writer Laura Uplinger (Gift for the Unborn Children), Osteopath Dr. Francois Amigues, and midwife, doula, Carla Machado will be guests in the Round Table discussion.

A bit more on today’s guests:  Laura Uplinger, Prenatal and perinatal educator for more than 30 years, Author, alumni board member ofAPPPAH (Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health).  Carla Machado, President of ANEP Brasil (National Association for Pre­natal Education).  Monica Matos, Founder of Ten Moons Rising, Producer of the documentary project “Life Imitates Birth”

Tune in to hear clips from both films and a dynamic Round Table discussion about the vital importance of the first 9 months in utero and the birthing process itself in the formation of personality and character of the human being to emerge.