Project Censored – 05.22.18

For the first half of the show, Mickey’s guests are Pratap Chatterjee and Khalil Bendib, co-authors of the new book Verax (‘truth-teller’).
A nonfiction graphic ‘novel,’ Verax examines the US electronic-surveillance programs, and the whistleblowers who exposed them.
Then, in the wake of the latest sexual-harassment scandals in Hollywood, media scholar Julie Frechette joins the program for a discussion of
the #MeToo campaign and how corporate media portrays issues of sexual harassment and violence, within and beyond the entertainment industry. 

Pratap Chatterjee is Executive Director of Corp Watch, and a veteran investigative journalist. His books include Halliburton’s Army and Iraq, Inc.: A Profitable Occupation.
Khalil Bendib is a political cartoonist and radio journalist.
Julie Frechette is Professor of Communication at Worcester State University in Massachusetts, and also co-president of the Action Coalition for Media Education.

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