Project Censored – 10.17.17

Mickey and guest co-host Kenn Burrows spend the first half of the program on a discussion of health effects arising from cell-phone technology, and why corporate media are not paying enough heed to these issues. The panel of guests also explain SB649, a California bill that would have removed local authority over the placement of new 5G cell phone transmitters. 

Later in the program, Project Censored correspondent Michael Levitan speaks with author and TV host Eleanor Goldfield about the limitations of online activism. And the show concludes with Nolan Higdon, Nicholas Baham and Desiree McSwain discussing their chapter in Censored 2018, “the New Authoritarianism.”
Kenn Burrows teaches Holistic Health Studies at San Francisco State University. Lloyd Morgan is an electronic engineer; he also studies the connections between electromagnetic radiation and cancer. Audrey Johnson is a biology student at San Francisco State University, and co-president of the campus Project Censored club. Ellen Marx is the director of the California Brain Tumor Association. Reinette Senum is a city council member in Nevada City, California. Eleanor Goldfield is host of the Free-Speech TV show “Act Out” and author of the new book “Paradigm Lost.”
Update: After this program was recorded, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB649.
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