Project Censored – 11.01.16

Mickey and guest co-host Michael Levitin address four social-justice and environmental issues:
With a measure to legalize recreation marijuna use on November’s California ballot, Mark Armstrong explains how creating a state bank
¬†—¬†among other benefits — could aid the financial side of marijuana growing.
Adam Carpinelli looks at what’s behind the recent prison-work strikes, and summarizes the cases of some US political prisoners.
Sarah van Gelder discusses the historic Standing Rock resistance to the Dakota-Access Pipeline.
Finally, David Reed explains some of the regulatory  complexities surrounding fracking in California.

Program Notes:
Mark Armstrong is co-founder of the Public Banking Institute.
Adam Carpinelli is with the Jericho Movement; he also hosts a KBOO-FM program that focuses on prison issues.
Sarah van Gelder is cofounder and editor of YES Magazine.
David Reed is managing director of the Environmental Action Center in Washington, DC.