Psychopaths, 9/11 and Everlasting War – Dr. David Halpin

I am honoured to share a platform with Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. I intend in this 20 minute talk to give additional political context to 9/11, to set it in a fraction of the history of the last century and in the NOW.

The following is a Transcript of Dr. Halpin’s presentation

The lie of 9/11 has provided the pretext for the most terrible wars on the Muslim peoples in defiance of the Nuremberg Protocols and the UN Charter. Unless that lie is laid bare by truth, 9/11 will be seen as the crucible from which World War Three erupted. There will be no way back from the smoking ruins for those unfortunate enough to survive. The images from Hiroshima and Nagasaki are there to warn us.

I cannot recall when I became certain that 19 Muslims with box cutters were NOT responsible for these events. (1) The cinematographic images shocked billions, and especially the terror in those humans who jumped. (2) I recall asking how could it be that of hundreds of engineers in the plot not one had broken ranks. I have known the truth for at least 8 years and push two points in writing and discussion. Cui bono – ‘to whose benefit’. NOT the Muslim world at all – so much has been laid waste both in life, limb and social structure. And Tower 7. I am a sceptic and I am ashamed that the dawning was not immediate for me.

I will describe what is necessary for this gigantic conspiracy to succeed for ever.

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