playboy bunny

Raise Your Hand if You Take Medical Advice From a Playboy Bunny

This accusation is everywhere, isn’t it?  Respectable doctors say it on live TV, trying to sound like they have sympathy for those of us who just weren’t smart enough to avoid being duped by a pretty young thing with big boobs.  Journalists never fail to mention it in stories about whatever the current vaccine-preventable epidemic is.  It’s talked about on blogs, call-in radio shows, and legislative hearings.  I’m starting to think that the recipe for a mainstream print article is made up of 5 ingredients:

  1. A hefty dose of mass hysteria;
  2. A declaration of vaccines being the greatest medical achievement of the 20th century;
  3. Two parts vaccine injury denial; both in what an injury is and that they are “exceedingly rare”;
  4. An allusion to a “debunked” and “fraudulent” study;
  5. All topped off with a sprinkle of Playboy bunny

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