Shari Khan

Replenish Me – 01.04.18

Shari Khan, for more than 25 years, has worked with hundreds of people to support them in developing the right skills and behaviours to succeed at work.
Although her educational background is in Chemistry, she says, it is what” got me interested in relationships and reactions.”
Put two different substances together and watch them change colour, fizz, or even let off a puff of smoke. It’s the same thing with people. The transformations and amazing reactions we get when people come together in a training or coaching context are no less extraordinary.
The most important lesson from chemistry is: you can effect positive change in people by changing their environment. Organizations that set the stage for transformation are more likely to get what they want from their people. You’ll set off a chain reaction of growth and development for the entire organization.
In our heart to heart, she shares her story, struggles and delightful worldview.
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