Farah Butt

Replenish Me – 03.29.18

Listen to this in depth conversation about building confidence and how it effects women specifically.
She says, True confidence is being yourself”.

Farah Butt an and I dive deeply into the issues of support, boundaries, confidence and so much more!

She is an empowerment coach and public speaker, specialising in empowering women, men and children to get results in relationships, personal health, spirituality, and business or professional life. On her website, she says,

“I chose to become an empowerment coach as I always had a relentless spirit to inspire success beyond expectations. I have a passion and expertise in helping people to overcome low self-esteem; to become their best and most confident self; whilst using strategies to crush self-limiting beliefs, heal and transform and get a front-row seat in life. I do this by helping people to convey strength in situations that are uncomfortable, uncertain or intimidating to go on to achieve your goals and dreams.”

Her website: www.farahbuttcoaching.com

She offers a 7 week one to one confidence coaching package for £700 and a 3 month and 6 -month life coaching package.

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