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Replenish Me – 08.03.17

. ”Be willing to be a good steward of your own mental and emotional health. Don’t take your ego with you to get care. Be open and receptive the support that is given” Having space in your home for the mom cave Have a lifeline. A person that you can or who will check on you regularly. Give -give Balance is BS, it is relative. Constantly in flux and have to go with the flow. Can’t be broken if you are flexible.

“Own your own stuff! Take responsibility for your own stuff!” Ashley Adams is the Leader and Founder of YMRstudios, Tampa Bay’s virtual yoga studio that is designed specifically for the mompreneurs. All classes are taught online so you do have to find someone to watch the this so you can get a moment to relax. So you have the energy to kick butt your business and be Wonder Women for your family.

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