Replenish Me – 08.24.17

Tai Hanson is the Founder of The Homey Hippies, a lifestyle brand for the modern urban hippie. Our focus is on creating naturally dope home goods that are good for you, the planet, and the homies. The husband and wife duo behind the brand are setting out to bring green and eco-friendly lifestyle products to a segment of the population that is overlooked when it comes to health, wellness, and natural lifestyle products being marketed to us. We want our customers to be mindful of the products they use everyday and how they affect their health and well-being. We’re spreading the message that leading an environmentally conscious life is for EVERYone (not just the folks living in the suburbs) and it doesn’t have to cramp our style. Our signature products are just as much about dope design as they are natural, wholesome and non-toxic ingredients. Our first signature product, hand-poured locally-sourced beeswax candles are in stock in our store now.

Visit us at www.thehomeyhippies.com

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