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Research says: Organic produce has higher cancer fighting nutrients than conventional

Organic produce sales are booming around the world. People opt for organic foods because they know it’s healthier, has more nutrients, and tastes better than produce grown with chemicals. In fact, despite the twisted (deceitful) propaganda created by the chemical industry, several recent studies prove that organic food is superior by nature.

Conventional produce is grown with toxic fertilizers, insecticides, and preservatives – which make the foods look ‘more appealing’ but, in reality, these foods are sickening.  For example, those shinny (conventional) apples have synthetic wax applied to them, doesn’t that sound yummy? With organic foods, you’ll reduce your exposure to unwanted hormones, antibiotics and contaminated sewer sludge – typically used on conventional produce.

Strawberry represent a sweet reason to buy organic foods

A September 2010 study, published in the PLoS One journal, focused on the differences between conventionally and organically grown strawberries. Three different varieties of strawberries were studied over a two year period. Organic and conventional versions of these strawberry varieties were compared and it was discovered – during the random sampling of the strawberries – that organic strawberries lasted longer on the shelf, had higher antioxidant contents, and higher levels of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

In addition, the organic strawberries tasted sweeter than the conventional ones plus the soil in which they were grown was healthier for growing additional produce. This clearly shows the benefits of organic food.

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