Resistance Radio – Sam Krop and Dillon Thomson – 01.01.17

Sam Krop is an environmental and social justice activist and high school teacher currently based in Eugene Oregon. Originally from Florida, Sam has been an organizer in direct action campaigns for farm worker rights, food justice and food sovereignty, forest defense, and fossil fuel resistance, and has been a public speaker at a variety of events on environmental issues and social justice activism.  Sam is also the founder of Warrior Sisters, a women’s self-defense nonprofit, and like many feminists before her, recognizes that the ongoing abuse of the planet and the epidemic of violence against women share the same root in a way of life that is fundamentally unsustainable.

Dillon Thomson is co-founder and secretary of the Fertile Ground Institute, a non-profit working to build leadership and effective strategy for social and environmental justice movements.  For the past six years, Dillon’s work with Fertile Ground has included providing trainings, lecturing, hosting interdisciplinary conferences, and organizing nonviolent direct actions up and down the west coast of the U.S. and Canada.  His work is motivated by a love of life and a deep rage for the cold, dispassionate killing of nonhuman communities perpetrated by the daily activities of the industrial economy.

Today we talk about stopping coal trains.

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