Your responsibility for defamatory “biographies” in Wikipedia

As members of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation you have been receiving copies of correspondence sent on behalf of Dr. Gary Null. These letters, while addressing the defamatory scandal sheet pretending to be an objective biography, has brought to your attention many other abuses by entrenched and controlling Wikipedia administrators and editors that make a mockery out of Wikipedia’s mission while subjecting the Foundation to a loss of its status as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation as well as to legal action that cannot be avoided by hiding behind the shield of section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

This is one of several letters you will receive to remind you not only of the civil offenses and possibly criminal actions undertaken by and on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation but the personal responsibility each of you hold as a fiduciary to the Foundation. You are responsible for the actions of those who represent Wikipedia to the public and are answerable for years of abuse of the public trust.

To begin with we will remind you that our involvement began with the Wikipedia entry of the biography of Dr. Gary Null. Dr. Null did not ask to have his biography posted on Wikipedia and was never asked to provide any input. In fact, what started as a short and neutral biography a decade or so ago, rapidly morphed into a hate piece, full of lies and libelous statements. The only way the so-called biography could be edited is by adding more damaging information against Dr. Null. Any attempt to make even neutral changes to the biography were reversed within minutes. We have been able to prove that those responsible for this were deeply ensconced in the administrative and editorial functions of Wikipedia. This was confirmed when an insider leaked many conversations between editors and administrators regarding the editing of the Gary Null biography. Here is just one example:

This is a Wikipedia administrator explaining that criticism of Gary Null is valid but defense of him is invalid, supposedly due to FRINGE: “It is a valid comment from a valid source with a valid criticism of Null’s idiocy. I advise you to pick your fights carefully. As I said before, if you think Null’s views increase the credibility of your position, then you have a very serious problem. This is WP:FRINGE territory, the claims Null makes do not normally get touched by scientists because they are batshit insane. It would be like insisting on official Government refutation of Alex Jones’ claim that the San Bernadino mass shooting is a false flag operation. Guy (Help!) 00:07, 4 December 2015 (UTC)”

Notwithstanding what was obvious we sent a letter to the Foundation reminding it of Wikipedia’s explicit policies of fairness and neutrality when it comes to biographies of living persons and explained in explicit detail how Gary Null’s biography violates all of your standards. We are again attaching a copy. Our letter was met both with resistance and with a request to work though the “system”. The same one that is institutionally rigged against Gary Null, Deepak Chopra and many other great and accomplished people.

We have 50 such articles exposing Wikipedia’s practices, and we will be highlighting some of them shortly. Please keep the above in mind as you consider your fiduciary responsibility and legal liability.

Very truly yours,

Neal S. Greenfield