Robert S. Becker – America’s Addiction to Firstism — Delusion Decoyed as ‘Greatness’

The magical religion of Firstism in America has two regressive, infantile manifestations. For decades, rightwing chauvinism has worshipped America Firstism. Because the US is always the best country ever, a Christian God grants the US divine rights to perpetual world leadership. Reigniting that equally bizarre muddle, “America, right or wrong,” Trump’s sneering, snarling buffoonery begins and ends with this “self-evident” leap of faith.

Apparently, some 30% of the right is so terrified (bigoted, benighted?) they fall for Trumpian folly that (white) America was once great and, just by elevating an amateur, blustery billionaire, “we can be great again,” If we only banish all our stupid leaders, inveighs the Donald, the remainder will be tough, savvy deal makers capable of solving everything. A mystery beyond human ken is how Trump yahoos will magically slice away all the stupids, leaving the path to greatness wide open.

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