Roger White – Flirting with a Fascist: Trump’s Success Forces GOP to Look into Abyss

How did an ongoing debate about how to deal with a population of 11 or so million undocumented immigrants so quickly turn into calls for mass deportation, revocation of birthright citizenship and barrier walls on our southern border? (fences are so yesterday) You could ask the current GOP front runner Donald Trump but you’re likely not to get a straight answer. As his recent debate performance demonstrated, Trump doesn’t believe he has to answer questions, especially ones coming from losers and little people with microphones.

But the question is still worth asking and it deserves an answer. I have no desire to save the GOP from itself, politically. National polls consistently show that a broad majority of the electorate would never vote for Trump, which is good news for Democrats. But polls can change. If Trump does get the Republican Party nomination he could win the presidency. And despite the smug snickers coming from some progressives who are basking in their schadenfreudeover the GOP’s Trump problem, his political rise is a problem for all of us- not just the GOP.

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