Rory Carroll – Beepocalypse Not’: Alec lobbyists abuzz in defense of pesticides amid die-offs

Barack Obama may be pushing America into an abyss of gay-loving, Iran-hugging, welfare-splurging socialist ruin, but conservatives can console themselves with at least one piece of good news: the “beepocalypse” is over.

Market forces have helped tame the mysterious plague which wiped out bee colonies over the past decade – a phenomenon more formally known as colony collapse disorder – and the US need no longer fear a future without honey, pollination or food.

This was the message delivered to Republican legislators and lobbyists at this week’s annual meeting in San Diego of the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec), one of the nation’s most controversial and powerful lobbying networks.

It was a striking gleam of optimism amid dour fulminations against same-sex marriage, the Iran nuclear deal and Obamacare from keynote speakers such as presidential candidates Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee.

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