Sarah Lazare – The Best and Worst States for Women in America, From Wages to Life Expectancy

As we enter yet another Women’s History Month, gender justice remains an elusive goal, with full-time women workers in the United States making just 78 cents [3] for every dollar their male counterparts bring in and women representing three-fifths [4] of all minimum wage employees.

When race is taken into account, the gulf is even more pronounced [5]. Latina women bring in just 54 percent of what their white male counterparts make, and African-American women make 64 percent.

To mark Women’s History Month, the personal finance website WalletHub provided its own analysis [6] of the “best and worst” places in the United States for women to live. Evaluating all 50 states for “women’s economic and social well-being” and “women’s health care and safety,” the researchers concluded that Minnesota is the best place for women to live in the United States, followed by Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

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