Sarah van Gelder – After Trump’s Victory, Stand With Your Community

There will be much to unpack about what happened in this election and the implications of a Trump presidency. And there are lots of reasons to grieve about the things we hold dear.

But I want to humbly suggest we do one thing before anything else. Some of us are in far more danger, now, than others. Start off right away by reaching out to those people. Acknowledge their vulnerability and promise to stand with them. And form relationships and local communication networks to make that promise real.

Some of us have the resources to buffer ourselves from the belligerence of a man who goaded his followers into harming protesters at his rallies. Some of us, especially if we have white skin, are male, straight, and not poor, have some protection.

If you have any privilege at all, this is a time to put it on the line, beginning where you live. Even if you don’t, this is a time to reach out.

What does that mean in practice? Instead of talking about moving to Canada or Costa Rica, take a stand where you live. Are there Muslims who will be vulnerable, or immigrant communities? Reach out to them and let them know you’ll be there for them.

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