Scientists Discover Vessels That Connect The Immune System & Brain

History has proved to make some incredible discoveries that have made their way into teachings that we, as a society, are taught to absorb as true statements and must believe, memorize, and analyze. The human anatomy is no exception.

We already know the brain is a complex organ, so it should come as no surprise to us that scientific research continues to reveal new information about it, and that old ideas we thought to be true must often be rejected.

The Human Genome Project is proof that we have failed to find the truth behind the complexities that are the human body. The project, whose effort was to sequence our entire genetic code, opened our eyes as it failed, showing us that our individuality, our health, and our sickness could not be defined in the 25,000-coding genes. It was an awakening that prompted us to dig deep into how our environment, lifestyle, and mind and body are not puppets to our genes. There is more. But what? “We fooled ourselves into thinking the genome was going to be a transparent blueprint, but it’s not,” Mel Greaves, cell biologist at the Institute of Cancer Research stated.

We also believed that chemicals could only harm us in large doses, yet toxicology reports continue to unravel this idea, as research shows how different doses — both big and small — can greatly wreak havoc on our health. And germs? We’ve been told that exposure to them results in infections, yet this theory has been disproven thanks to growing evidence on the role of the microbiome.

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