Shelby’s Fed Reform Bill Is Just Moving Deck Chairs on the Titanic – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Senator Richard Shelby, Chair of the Senate Banking Committee, is set to release details of his proposed financial reform legislation today which Wall Street hopes will have so much smoke and mirrors to appease the liberal and conservative factions on the Committee that no one will notice that it’s another big sellout to Wall Street.

The bill will hold out the promise of reforming the Federal Reserve while failing to do anything material to reform it. It will promise to remove unnecessary regulatory burdens on community banks so that they can survive and compete while leaving intact the very financial structure that is killing off community banks faster than you can say Dodd-Frank.

The biggest joke in the proposed legislation is that the Fed will somehow be tamed by allowing the President of the United States to nominate, with Senate confirmation, the President of the New York Fed – the organization that is effectively running the Fed from New York by following the marching orders of the mega Wall Street banks. President Obama’s nominations, with Senate confirmation, have not exactly been a boon to the American people when it comes to other overseers of Wall Street like the Treasury Secretary, the SEC Chair, or the Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve – all of whom had egregious Wall Street conflicts but were installed anyway.

According to leaks, Shelby’s bill will propose a dramatic increase in the amount of consolidated assets required to designate a bank a “systemically important financial institution” or SIFI. According to rumors, that amount may go from the current $50 billion to potentially $500 billion. While that would relieve some banks of burdensome regulatory filings, it won’t materially change the competitive landscape. Here’s why.

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