Situational Awareness: How to Protect Yourself by Developing your Situational Awareness

I’ve read hundreds of articles on Situational awareness, and I’m usually left scratching my head, wondering how many of these authors can even pretend to write about a subject they know nothing about.

Most of the stuff out there seems like a bad technical manual, written by some egghead professor that did a couple of studies in a laboratory so he can claim to be an expert. While many of these people can probably scientifically describe what the term means, admittedly better than I can do, none of that means shit in the real-world! These people haven’t lived a life where they had to use these skills to stay alive; what do they know about real-world applications?

I’m not going to spend all day giving you some scientific definition of the words, or quoting a bunch of stupid studies that will do nothing for you when things go bad. I mean do you really want to know the technical color codes or a bunch of mumbo jumbo that means absolutely nothing when the not so theoretical shit hits the fan?

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