Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 09.22.16

ELECTION THEFT is once again our topic as we’re joined by BOB FITRAKIS, JON SIMON and presidential candidate ROCKY DE LA FUENTE.

Rocky is on the ballot in more than 20 states and has been waging a powerful campaign for the presidency which has been completely ignored by the corporate mainstream media.  He brings us fascinating tales of attempting to bring democracy to a rigged process.

Prof. Bob Fitrakis brings his unique expertise as an attorney and election monitor for decades.  Together Bob and Harvey have co-authored six books on “strip & flip” election theft, including the most recent STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016.

Jon Simon’s CODE RED is one of the leading books on our electoral process.

This lively and unique discussion is essential for anyone struggling to understand the utter corruption of our electoral process.

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