Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 01.20.17

PEACE, NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT & THE SOLARTOPIAN REVOLUTION are with us through Paul Martin of Peace-Action and solar activist Paul Kangas from California.

PAUL MARTIN carries us through the history of his organization, which began with the legendary SANE campaigns against nuclear weapons.  Paul explains that the $1 trillion “upgrade” Barack Obama laid out for our nuclear arsenal is in fact insane, and that we need to radically slash the number of atomic weapons in the world, as well as the money we spend on them.
PAUL KANGAS reports on the astounding progress of renewable energy based on his recent trips in Russia, China and Japan.  In particular we hear about the energiewende transition to 100% renewables in Germany and feed-in tariffs in California that are sparking a massive change-over to green power in the nation’s biggest state.