Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 03.02.17

The dangerous, decrepit, about-to-explode DIABLO CANYON NUCLEAR POWER PLANT is dissected by DR. JERRY BROWN of the WORLD BUSINESS ACADEMY in Santa Barbara.

Dr. Brown is spearheading a major lawsuit agains the California Lands Commission, demanding that it require Diablo’s owners to obey state law and require an Environmental Impact Report at the dying nuke.  The CLC has granted Diablo lease extensions that could allow it to operate to 2025, by which time earthquakes, terrorism, standard incompetence and other disasters could have reduced it to an apocalyptic pile of radioactive rubble.

With brilliant, succinct exposition, Dr. Brown shows how Diablo is a lethal threat to our biggest state that can be easily replaced with 100% renewable energy, creating tens of thousands of jobs and bringing California into the Solartopia Age.  It is a compelling, unique dialogue with the force of law behind it.

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