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Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 11.15.19


We talk with the great activists BARBARA ARNWINE and JOEL SEGAL about the realities of the upcoming popular vote on the future of the human race.

Violence has now entered the attempt to repeal a nuclear bailout in Ohio.  Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin has been assaulted at a public rally, and by police.

When push comes to shove do we doubt that Donald Trump will call out the Storm Troopers to stay in the White House.

We face these awful realities as none by activists of Barbara and Joel can do.

We then hear from long-time activist LORNA SALZMAN about the rise of the environmental movement and its tortured march into the realities the present.

In particular we hear about the challenges of beating nuclear power in the Age of Trump.  Don’t miss this show.


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