Sophie McAdam – Bombshell: UK Accused Of Plotting Syria War Back In 2009

In this illuminating interview on French television program LCP, France’s former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas claims Britain planned to invade Syria long before protests against Assad began in the country, and that it would do this in order to defend Israel.

In the interview, first televised in 2013, Dumas states that during a visit to England (“two years before the hostilities began in Syria”), he was asked whether he would be willing to participate in a plot to overthrow President Bashar Assad, who (along with many other Arabic leaders) was considered an enemy of Israel.

“I met with English officials, and some of them- who are my friends- admitted to me, by asking my opinion, that they are preparing something in Syria,” Dumas tells the anchors, who look increasingly uncomfortable as his story progresses. “England was preparing the invasion of the rebels,” Dumas goes on.

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