Sputnik News – Cold War 2.0: Hillary Claims a Putin-Led ‘Alt-Right’ Conspiracy is Against Her

The Democratic nominee doubled down on the disturbing tactic of drumming up anti-Russia hysteria in a bid to smear Donald Trump and to label any reports not favorable to her candidacy as akin to treason. 
It is only 72 days until the next US President is elected and it already seems as though the fate of US-Russia relations will be irrevocably marred by a theory hatched by Hillary Clinton’s campaign that marks President Vladimir Putin as the “godfather” of what was once known as the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” 
It began in the lead up to the Democratic National Convention when faced with damning evidence in the WikiLeaks file dump, campaign manager Robby Mook reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out the Russia card blaming the country’s intelligence services for the document leak exposing the complicated scheme between the Hillary camp, the DNC and the corporate media to create false narratives about Bernie Sanders in order to propel Clinton to the nomination. 
That once defense damage control shield has since been converted into a sword, despite a lack of evidence linking Russia to the WikiLeaks file dump – there is evidence that Russia, as well as several other countries have hacked the DNC in 2016 and in previous cycles but that is separate and apart from being the source of leaked documents. The tactic is now being employed to slander the reputations of a decorated US three-star general and to defame opposition media outlets into oblivion.