Stephen Fox – Aspartame, the Artificial Sweetener, Being Considered Under California’s Proposition 65 for CARCINOGEN labeling

Great news for Consumer Protection! California is making gigantic progress towards requiring the labeling the artificial sweetener, aspartame, as carcinogenic, through its power to do so under Proposition 65. Please write a short letter in to them in support of this huge beneficial step. The comment period ends about October 24, 2016. This move is long overdue, but welcome nonetheless, as California’s standards could bring about the demise of manufacturing this neurotoxic carcinogen which is metabolized among other things as formaldehyde.

Just think: every packet of Equal, every Diet soda, every sugarless gum: all turning to formaldehyde and then being lodged as formaldehyde in the RNA! How could this not play havoc with the body’s biochemistry? Even the FDA lists 92 different symptoms caused by Aspartame.

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