Stephen Lendman – One Yemeni Child Dies Every 10 Minutes From War-Related Starvation

US imperialism is raping and destroying the country, millions of Yemenis at risk.

Instead of demanding Saudis stop terror-bombing, massacring civilians, blockading the country’s coastline along with US warships, Trump sent paratroopers to Yemen’s Bayda’s Qifah district.

They raided Yakla village, reportedly attacking al-Qaeda terrorists, but who knows for sure. America supports the group, its al-Nusra affiliate in Syria, ISIS and numerous other terrorist groups.

Drone terror-bombing was involved in Yakla village. A reported 16 civilian men, women and children were killed, showing US contempt for noncombatants when conducting military operations, too often considering them legitimate targets – a war crime by any standard.

So is naked aggression, the hallmark of all US wars, none waged in self-defense. America has no enemies except ones it invents. Civilians in harm’s way suffer most.

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