Steve Bannon May Have Committed A Felony With Super PAC Funds, Per Complaint To The FBI

he Democratic Coalition filed a complaint with the FBI on Tuesday against Trump Chief Strategist Steven Bannon, alleging that Bannon violated a federal campaign finance law by receiving payments from a Super PAC after becoming the CEO of Trump’s campaign, which is strictly illegal.  The Huffington Post broke the news:
“Over the course of the Trump campaign, Bannon was paid $950,090 by pro-Trump Super PAC, Make America Number 1, through his company Glittering Steel LLC, both before and after Bannon assumed his role as campaign CEO. […]

According to federal campaign finance law, it is illegal for Super PACs to coordinate operations with campaigns. Additionally, there is a 120-day “cooling off” period for when Super PAC employees leave to work on the campaign their PAC was supporting to avoid any potential coordination. Steve Bannon was paid by Make America Number 1 on August 8, 2016, and then became Trump campaign CEO on August 17, 2016, directly violating the 120-day cooling off period. Additionally, Bannon was paid by the PAC after he became campaign CEO, which likely means there was coordination.”