Expat Files – 10.30.15

-Today we discuss a very special place called the Lake Atitlan district in Guatemala. No one who stays there more than a few days is unaffected by it. Now I’m certainly no romantic sentimentalist, but I have to admit it really does leave an indelible memory.

-Some more talk about how illegals send “remisas” ($) back to their Latin countries of origin in a variety of ways. Because these guys are illegals, under the radar, and don’t want to get caught and deported, they do try to use anonymous ways of sending cash home as much as possible. That said, expats and gringos who might (and should) want to keep a low profile can use many of these same (quite legal) methods to move small amounts of $ around themselves. People are always finding new ways and the possibilities seem to be endless.

-Some tips on different cellphone service providers and the general use of cell phones in Latin America

-Hi tech drones (not those hobby toys) have arrived in Latin America

-The state of consumer product recalls in Latin America and the true meaning of, ”Buyer Beware”.

-A thoughtful Canadian reveals the truth about living with “Big Brother” up in the Great White North. He tells us how Canada is slowly becoming unbearable and how he and his wife hope to make their escape to Latin America soon.


Expat Files – 10.23.15

-Looking for a few very low cost Expat business ideas? Here’s an idea one Latin Expat has taken and marketed successfully on Amazon. He’s in a beautiful rural surrounding, works about 3 hours a week, has one full time employee and makes about $20k a year (on an initial $5k investment plus the land). He could make much more but likes his life and doesn’t want to put in another 3 hours a week.. would be too much like real work.

-Today we have a few more good reasons why socialist leaning Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay may not be the best places for Expats to consider living- in the long term. These are countries that have established price controls on basic commodities and are thus setting themselves up for disruptive economic problems. Price controls NEVER work. Do you want to be there when the system is no longer tenable?

-There’s a new car theft scam making the rounds in Latin America. Today we have the play-by-play action as to how the bad guys pull it off. It’s pretty slick. Don’t let it happen to you!

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