Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 05.11.17

Download this episode (right click and save) Solartopia is joined by the great HAZEL HENDERSON, legendary pioneer of the green economy. Hazel’s clarity and brilliance light up the airwaves as we tour through the rise of the alternative economy, green investing and much more. Hazel’s prescient work in renewable forecasting, ethical investing and sustainable finance has stood the test of …



The scientific confirmation of a human factor in global warming is accepted by a majority of Americans as well as scientists, yet those in power have produced only the Paris climate agreement, with fine goals but little to guarantee reaching them. The lack of decisive leadership can be attributed to the furious counter-attack from parts of our society that are …


Uncertainty Sown: Why Americans Don’t Care Enough About Climate Change

New polling suggests that deliberate spread of climate denialism is working Despite the overwhelming evidence that global warming poses an existential threat to planetary life as well as the growing global consensus that it is something we should be “very” concerned about, new polling released this week finds that Americans are way behind when it comes to taking the issue of climate …


Jeff Tollefson – Is the 2 °C world a fantasy?

The year is 2100 and the world looks nothing like it did when global leaders gathered for the historic climate summit in Paris at the end of 2015. Nearly 8.8 billion people now crowd the planet. Energy consumption has nearly doubled, and economic production has increased more than sevenfold. Vast disparities in wealth remain, but governments have achieved one crucial goal: …


The REDD+ and its carbon trade will not resolve the climate crisis

As with other mechanisms supported by “world climate governance”, we doubted from the beginning that the Reduction of Emissions caused by Deforestation and the Degradation of Forests (REDD) mechanism would be likely to resolve the global climate crisis, ever since it was introduced in discussions on climate change. Now more than ever, the hidden face of this mechanism is revealed …


Paris Climate Talks A Failure Even Before It Starts

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21 to be held in Paris, from November 30 to December 11 is already a failure even before it starts. Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, or INDCs were submitted by 155 nations by the October 1 dealine. Analysis of the INDCs reveal that the pledges made by the nations can limit temperature increase …


Nature Bats Last – 09.15.15

On this episode of NBL we are joined today by Dr. Christopher Shaw. Chris is visiting fellow in the field of science and policy research at the University of Sussex. He is interested in building a more participatory process for deliberating on climate policy.

Hillary Clinton2

McKibben to Clinton: 5 Reasons environmentalists distrust you; and what you can do about it by VL Baker

FIVE REASONS ENVIRONMENTALISTS DISTRUST YOU1)Climate change has not been your issue. 2)You were terrible on Keystone .Even before the State Department began its review of the project, you said you were “inclined” to approve it. That’s been your last public word on the project, but your team performed an intellectually corrupt review of the plans, your campaign bundlers landed rich lobbying …


Is Jobless Growth Inevitable?

ABU DHABI – Ever since the industrial revolution, humans have been ambivalent about technological progress. While new technology has been a major source of liberation, progress, and prosperity, it has also fueled plenty of agony – not least owing to the fear that it will render labor redundant. So far, experience has seemed to discredit this fear. Indeed, by boosting …