Trends This Week – World Markets Begin Global Meltdown – 01.06.16

The signs of global economic meltdown, which Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute have forecast for 2016, are multiplying, strengthening and deepening in the early days of the new year. Celente reviews the economic indicators that are weakening and converging to set the stage for Global Recession in 2016. One indicator after another, across the world’s major economies, are showing fundamental and deepening weakness. Further, geo-political tensions in the Middle-East, Asia and elsewhere are fueling instability. What can we expect? What can we do to prepare?


National Geographic’s corporate-corrupted war on REALITY: how a once-upstanding mag now betrays humanity to push toxic poisons of advertisers

The cover of this month’s National Geographic magazine is causing some major controversy among the cognitively aware, as this once-upstanding and generally unbiased nature periodical has quite obviously fallen headlong into the clutches of corporate-controlled propaganda and lies. Outlining what it says are some of the basic tenets of “The War on Science,” National Geographic likens having concerns about the safety of vaccines, fluoride, …

Epic Fail_0

‘Epic Fail’: Feminism and Ecological Crises

We humans are an epic fail. In internet-speak, that term can be used derisively or sympathetically. A failure of grand proportions can be labeled “epic” either to mock or to offer condolences to someone who fails so completely. However, given the speed at which pop-culture fads come and go, I’m told by younger informants that the term is already long …