Kevin Ryan – 911: Propaganda Can’t Melt Steel Beams

Eleven years ago, I initiated a discussion about the fact that jet fuel fires could not have melted steel at the World Trade Center. The government agency investigating the WTC destruction responded by holding “some of its deliberations in secret.” Although it’s not a secret that jet fuel can’t melt steel, due to propaganda from sources like The Washington Post and The Huffington Post, Americans …


Leid Stories – 10.20.15

Capitalism and Democracy: A Plausible Coexistence?
The answer to the above proposition, generally, would be a resounding “Yes!” But ask Tariq Ali, renowned political commentator, author and leftist thinker, whether capitalism and democracy can coexist, and you’ll get an entirely different point of view.
With both elements deeply embedded in the American psyche and political discourse, Leid Stories joins Ali at a presentation in which he goes to the heart of the matter.


Dr. Gary G. Kohls – 9/11 Truth: De-Bunking the Neocon 9/11 Narrative. The Workings of “Big Lie Propaganda”

“You unpatriotic ‘9/11 Truthers’ can have annual conspiracy conventions on 9/11, with a host of speakers. To use a Russian expression, the dogs may bark as the train roars along. You are the dogs, and we are the train. Keep whining. We will keep on declaring ourselves unconvinced. We still own the TV, we still own the military, and you …

“Conspiracy Theories”: The Public Trust Skepticism Factor By Dr. Katherine Smith

The assassination of the President of the United States on national television by a “lone” assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, who himself is assassinated the next day by another “lone” assassin—would cause even the most rational skeptic, or critical thinker, to question the institutional narrative of the events. [1] In other words, the institutional narrative, or official explanation, of a lone …


Prof Michel Chossudovsky – Saudi Arabia’s Alleged Involvement in the 9/11 Attacks. “Red-Herring”

BBC live report of the collapse of WTC building 7, more than minutes before the collapse took place. Building Seven in the background is still intact. The 9/11 narrative in the mainstream media has taken on a new slant. The FBI is now accused of whitewashing Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks.  The alleged Saudi involvement in supporting Osama bin Laden, not …

Jeffrey Epstein

The Jeffrey Epstein Affair Imperils Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Prospects

WASHINGTON—Why is no one in the D.C. political class and media bubble talking about the Jeffrey Epstein affair? Well, it’s not true that they’re not talking about it at all; they’re just not (for the most part) talking about it honestly or asking the right questions. And the right questions are: Exactly how tight is the friendship between former President …


9/11 Truth: WTC 7 and Controlled Demolition: Evidence of Nano-Thermite presented to Danish Court

In an article titled “Madness in the Royal Library” published in the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen on December 7, 2012, journalist Søren Villemoes accused esteemed chemist Dr. Niels Harrit of being a “crackpot” for daring to conclude that the destruction of three World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, was a controlled demolition. Harrit, a 40-year professor of chemistry at the University …