LOA Daily – 05.24.18

Am I Seeking Solutions or Observing Problems? (from The Law of Attraction, Part IV) “If you see friends who are experiencing illness, try to imagine them well. Notice that when you focus on their illness, you feel bad; but when you focus on their possible recovery, you feel good,” says Abraham. Wendy and Walt discuss. They also discuss, “I Uplift …


LOA Daily – 05.17.18

Life Experiences, Not Words, Bring About Our Knowing (from The Law of Attraction, Part IV) “Words do not teach. It is like experience that brings you your knowing … when you begin to notice that you are getting what you thinking about, then, and only then, will you want to pay attention to … your thoughts. Controlling your thoughts will …


LOA Daily – 04.24.18

Reviewing Walt’s Attendance at the Abraham Workshop on Saturday Instead of talking about The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham as planned, Wendy and Walt talked about Walt’s experience at Saturday’s Abraham workshop that he and Louise attended in Greenwich. Download this episode (right click and save)


Love Lust And Laughter – 04.11.18

“LOVE WORTH MAKING – HOW TO HAVE RIDICULOUSLY GREAT SEX IN A LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP” is a book written by Stephen Snyder, M.D. – and my guest. His is a book written in an easy, conversational tone that could serve as a manual for couples and for therapists who are not sex experts. Dr. Snyder points out that emotional skills …

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Focus On The Facts – 03.28.18

Guests Walt Peretto with Patricia Negron. Covered the depopulation agenda and genocide being carried out in the US through biological methods with GMO foods and pesticides, toxic drugs, poisonous vaccines and the man-made pandemics and epidemics, as well as with chemical methods that include endrocrine disruptors such as fluoride and BPA plastics and the chemtrails being sprayed across the skies. …