JOHN V. WALSH – Who is the Arch Racist: Hillary or the Donald?

Who is the arch racist, Hillary or Trump? To answer that, let us ask another question, a simple one. Which is worse: to denigrate some members of a group or religion or race – or to kill them by the millions? And maim more millions and displace even more millions? Which is more “racist”? With that in mind, who is …


Energy Stew – Answers your life questions with intuition. – 10.16.15

This is an opportunity to see how my intuition can be of help to you. I’ll spend a few minutes with each person and you’ll be amazed at how much I can tell you about your situation in that short time.

I can answer questions about a lot of different things from family issues to health to work issues as so much of the information doesn’t come from my own brain but rather from a higher consciousness.

Many of you have been students or clients in the past so you already know how I work. It’s a half hour show and I’d love to hear from you.


Interview with Patrick O’Neill, CEO of Amp Your Good – 08.27.15

Patrick O’Neill is the Founder and CEO of Amp Your Good. After graduating from West Point and serving on active duty in the US Army, he began a private sector career focusing upon real estate, energy, technology and social enterprise. He has founded, co-founded and led several companies and has served on the board of directors of for profit, not for profit, public and private companies. He is married and has four children and lives in NJ (the Garden State!) He enjoys skiing, science fiction, youth sports and cooking.

Current projects

The REAL food drive campaign – a national campaign – see www.realfooddrive.org –
Chefs Community Table – restaurant quality meals to help those facing hunger – Bhavani – if you get a chance – watch this video before the interview –
Curbing Hunger campaign


George Monbiot – The Dawning

The first hour of the day, before the sun is over the horizon: this is the time to see wildlife. In the spring and summer, when no one else is walking, when there is no traffic and the air is dense, so that the sounds of the natural world reverberate, when both nocturnal and diurnal beasts are roaming, you will …


Gail Tverberg – Deflationary Collapse Ahead?

Both the stock market and oil prices have been plunging. Is this “just another cycle,” or is it something much worse? I think it is something much worse. Back in January, I wrote a post called Oil and the Economy: Where are We Headed in 2015-16? In it, I said that persistent very low prices could be a sign that we are …


Leid Stories – 07.31.15

Continue the Conversation—Or Start One—on “Free Your Mind Friday!” What’s your take on the issues and events we’ve been discussing on Leid Stories? But the field is wide open. Share your thoughts, information, opinions and ideas about anything worthy of further consideration and debate. It’s “Free Your Mind Friday,” and you get to take the conversation wherever you want it …

fast track tpp

Fast Track Down – Lori Wallach

The Fast Track trade authority package was rejected Friday because two years of effort by a vast corporate coalition, the White House and GOP leaders — and weeks of deals swapped for yes votes — could not assuage a majority in the House of Representatives facing constituents’ concerns that more of the same trade policy would kill more jobs, push …

The Nuclear Freeze campaign prevented an apocalypse, so can the climate movement – Duncan Meisel

2014 was the hottest year in recorded history. 2015 is on track to be even hotter — and yet, before the most important international climate talks of the decade, even the most ambitious promises of action will fall short of what science demands. At the same time, the movement to stop climate change is also making history — last year the United …


Humans v Honeybees

Close to three quarters of a century ago—all of 13 years before William Golding’sLord of the Flies came out, just 4 years before George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and just months before Pearl Harbor—Arthur Koestler’s dystopic novel, Darkness at Noon, was published in England.  The author would end badly: he’s remembered as the mini-Lamarckian, para-normalist contributor to an Encyclopedia for Sexual Knowledge, and as a vice president of the Voluntary …