What Women Must Know – Real Food, Fake Food : Why You Don’t Know What You Are Eating with Larry Olmsed – 08.18.16

Larry Olmsted is an award-winning journalist and author who has written several thousand articles for major newspapers and magazines worldwide over the past 20-plus years. He has been a print columnist for two of America’s three national newspapers, Investor’s Business Daily and USAToday, and has written for many other prominent papers including the Financial Times, New York Daily News, Boston Globe, Denver Post, South China Post, and others. His magazine work has included Playboy, Popular Science, Outside, Men’s Health, Inc., Worth, American Airlines’ American Way, Robb Report, Golf Magazine, US Airways Magazine, and dozens of others.


LOA Today – 08.11.16

Are you listening? If you listen closely, the universe and the many players and events in your life are giving you important clues to help you live more happily, successfully, and deliberately. But so many of us go through life failing to listen closely to the clues we receive. This week we discuss this key skill and how listening helps us to attract what we most want to attract in our lives.


Kate Fried – Bottled Water Goes Off the Deep End

Because they peddle one of the most basic and ubiquitous resources on the planet, bottled water companies are notorious for manufacturing demand for their products, often by resorting to old Madison Avenue mind games, like exploiting our subconscious interest in exclusivity or by suggesting that their products are more pure than tap water. Perrier was once extolled as the “champagne of water.” …


Andrew Griffin – Too Much Trump? Brilliant Filter Rids the Entire Web of the Donald

Donald Trump can be entirely banned from the internet [3] using a Chrome extension. The software analyses websites for the use of his name and stops access to any website that contains it. Its creator says that the tool hasn’t just been created to filter out the often incendiary pronouncements of the presidential candidate [4] — but in the hope of broadening the debate, …

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John Scales Avery – The Need For A New Economic System; part 2

Part 1 of this series of articles documented the world’s urgent need for a reformed economic system. Here are a few more links that underline the pressing need for change. We urgently need to shift quickly from fossil fuels to renewable energy if we are to avoid a tipping point after which human efforts to avoid catastrophic climate change will …