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LOA Today – 07.14.16

It’s amazing how we can run with just the simplest of topics. This week, we talk about “the details”. That’s it … just the details. Yet in the course of such a “weak” topic, we manage to quickly turn it into a discussion of our dream for building a huge national audience for our show, how people we know have dealt with tremendous adversity by not getting dragged down by the details, and how to turn the details from being your enemy into being your friend. Crazy? Like a fox! Don’t miss this one.


Energy Stew – Donald Altman – 04.29.16

Do you need to clear emotional clutter?

Can we really reboot ourselves and clear the baggage of adversity, insult, trauma and pain that many of us carry around in one form or another?

Donald Altman’s new book “Clearing Emotional Clutter” is a wonderful guide to managing our lives more intelligently. He helps dissolve past issues and provides powerful mindfulness methods to live in more peace and fulfillment.

Tune into this important interview to learn how to live on top of your game.



At the Grammy’s, Stevie Wonder made a bold statement about accessibility for people with disabilities prior to announcing song of the year and singing “na na na na na” when holding up the winners name in braille to the audience. Ready, set…get your grit on… award winning writer, producer and director – Dara Padwo-Audick, joins Mark to discuss her new series “She’s Got Grit” – riveting show on female athletes with disabilities who compete at the highest levels. See for yourself just how talented, determined and passionate these athletes are: for information to have Mark speak on overcoming adversity, mental health, drugs/alcohol, self-entitlement, anti-bullying, celebrating differences and more at schools, college and corporations.