iEat Green – Rob Carpenter, Office Admin/Manager of Long Island Farm Bureau – 03.22.18

Rob is the Administrative Director for the Long Island Farm Bureau. The Long Island Farm Bureau is a non-governmental, volunteer organization financed and controlled by members for the purpose of solving economic and public policy issues challenging the agricultural industry. The mission is to “Serve and Strengthen” agriculture on Long Island. Long Island Farm Bureau‘s "grassroots" policy development process ensures …


LOA Daily – 01.18.18

Are You Emotionally Healthy? Is it good to be emotionally stable? Many people would say yes, particularly if they’ve been involved with partners whose emotional set points kept dropping into the negative range. But the full answer may surprise you. Just because you’re emotionally stable doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re emotionally healthy. Joel and Walt discuss. Download this episode (right …


NDC Savings Club – Book of Life – 03.15.17

Today Show:  Book of Life Guest Speaker:  Alexander Dunlop   http://spiritualnutrition.org/ Alexander Dunlop talks about the real meaning of the playing cards. The 52 deck of playing cards is the ancient book of life, hidden in plain sight. Using this book of life we can read the real meaning of our lives, all from playing cards. Most people don’t know …


Expanding Mind – Jack Womack UFOs are Real – 09.01.16

Speculative fiction writer and book collector Jack Womack talks about flying saucers, modern myth, UFO blueprints, and his new book Flyings Saucers are Real!, which samples from his extensive UFO Library. http://shop.mexicansummer.com/product/jack-womack-flying-saucers-real/


Frida Berrigan – Time Spent in Guantánamo Is Time No One Gets Back – Whether Soldier or Prisoner

I love my local paper. The Day is locally owned and based right in downtown New London, Connecticut. They publish an actual, physical newspaper every single day and have a first rate photo department. Their news pages feature a mix of national and international articles from The New York Times and AP wire service stories, as well as locally produced articles of local interest …


Nick Meyer – American Academy Of Pediatrics Gives Monsanto The Boot After Meeting With Concerned Mothers

In today’s social media dominated world, one well-placed infographic can practically start a revolution. With Facebook pages and Instagram accounts feeding highly precise and sometimes juicy tidbits of previously hidden information to the masses at a rate of millions per week, it’s easy to see how we can create change faster than ever before. In the case of one particular …