VINCENT EMANUELE – The Riots Will Continue

100 Years of Riots In 1917, white supremacists, the National Guard and the St. Louis Police killed an estimated 150-200 blacks in what is commonly referred to as the “East St. Louis Massacre.” Much like St. Louis, Chicago was an up-and-coming industrial city that was experiencing massive demographic shifts as a result of the “Great Migration” north at the beginning …


GARY LEUPP – Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Against Russia

George H. W. Bush’s unsurprising support for Hillary Clinton strengthens the alliance of careful, conniving warmongers (including both neocon and “liberal interventionist” camps), admiring former generals,  middle and upper-class “Clinton Coalition” African-Americans (including clerics and TV commentators like MSNBC’s awful anchor/DNC shill Joy Reid snarling first about Bernie as much as Trump, and now trashing Putin along with Trump), Wall …


The Gary Null Show – 09.26.16

Today On The Gary Null Show, Gary opens up with the latest in health and healing such as new studies on dimensia and Alzheimers. Do you have garlic breath? if so Gary gives you a great solution for that! Gary goes to his audio file where he plays the last speech ever given by the great MLK. In the second …


Kevin Loria – Over and over again, the military has conducted dangerous biowarfare experiments on Americans

On September 20, 1950, a US Navy ship just off the coast of San Francisco used a giant hose to spray a cloud of microbes into the air and into the city’s famous fog. The military was testing how a biological weapon attack would affect the 800,000 residents of the city. The people of San Francisco had no idea. The Navy …


Deena Stryker – Obama: Do What I Say, Not What I Do

President Obama’s final speech to the UN goes beyond any-thing anyone has ever heard in terms of hypocrisy: it’s too bad his Nobel can’t be parlayed into a prize for phoniness. It was a beautifully crafted speech — I’m sure he and Michelle burned the midnight oil to produce it — but I don’t think many leaders appreciated it. This …


Nika Knight – Trump Calls for ‘Nationwide Stop-and-Frisk’

As the nation reels from two recent fatal police shootings of black men, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday called for cities nationwide to adopt “stop-and-frisk”—a widely condemned police practice that New York City was forced to abandon after a federal judge struck it down as unconstitutional, finding that it disproportionately targeted minorities. “‘I would do stop-and-frisk. I think you have to,’ Trump said, according …


Meditations and Molotovs – 09.12.16

Fifteen years after 9/11 and Americans have learned very little about war, violence, revenge, history, terrorism and empire. So, for today’s program, Vince plays Howard Zinn’s famous speech,”Three Holy Wars” (The Revolutionary War, The Civil War and World War II) because these idealized wars must be questioned if we ever hope to stop the madness of U.S. Empire. http://meditationsandmolotovs.podbean.com


The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z – Andrew W. Campbell, M.D.- 09.13.16

Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN, www.naturalnurse.com, interviews Dr. Andrew Campbell. Dr. Campbell trained at the Orlando Regional Medical Center in Florida and at the Medical College of Georgia before moving to Houston, Texas, where he was the medical director of the Medical Center for Immune and Toxic Disorders for over 20 years. His practice was immunology and toxicology. He has held various leadership positions in hospitals in Houston. Dr. Campbell served both on the faculty and as a member on the admissions committee for the University of Texas Medical School. He founded the St. John Vianney Clinic for the indigent and served as president in a number of medical organizations, both national and international. He is currently the editor-in-chief of two peer reviewed and indexed medical journals. Dr. Campbell has received awards from many organizations, both medical and consumer, national and international. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Hungarian. He has been featured on 20/20, the Montel Williams Show, 24 Hour Investigative News, NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Dr. Campbell has published over 80 peer-reviewed journal articles and medical textbook chapters. He presents for INNOVISION PROFESSIONAL MEDIA- conferences for Integrative Medical Professionals. http://www.innovisionhm.com/index.html, including INFLAMMATION, Cooling the Heat http://innovisionhm.com/Inflammation/


Vijay Prashad – Why Urban Rage in America Is a Powder Keg That’s Ready to Blow

What is happening in America? The city of Milwaukee in the State of Wisconsin was convulsed in violence after the fatal shooting of a black man by police officers on August 13. The riot went on for two days. Milwaukee is a powder keg. Long histories of racism combined with recent incidents of police shooting held the city on edge. “It’s …


Jeffrey Phillips – US Officials: Israel Spying On America Has Reached ‘Terrifying’ Levels

Israel spies on the United States more than any other ally does and these activities have reached an alarming level, Newsweek magazine reported on Tuesday. The main targets are US industrial and technical secrets, the weekly said, quoting classified briefings on legislation that would make it easier for Israeli citizens to get visas to enter America. Newsweek said a congressional …