GEOFFREY MCDONALD – The UN’s Happiness Propaganda

How are you today? This stupid question, no matter how well meaning it may be, always presumes that you should be happy. Even when it comes from someone who has to ask it a hundred times a day, people appreciate the concern and answer it, as if they have a personal relation with the cashier. The expectation is that somehow …


Eric Zuesse – This Is How Corruption Works: A Hillary Clinton Example

Hillary Clinton approved the construction in South Africa of the world’s two largest coal-fired power-plants, and helped them get Export-Import Bank financing (U.S. taxpayer backing); then, some of her friends received construction contracts to build them. This was revealed by Itai Vardi in a terrific investigative news report at the desmog blog, on March 7th. Here’s an abbreviated version of it, …


Leid Stories – 02.11.16

In Like Flint: Hillary Clinton Sees Victory in Lead Poisoning

Congressional Black Caucus PAC Adds Insult to Injury with Its Endorsement

Abayomi Azikiwe, editor in chief of Pan-African News Wire and a Detroit organizer for the Workers World Party, has been coursing us through the process of Detroit’s forced bankruptcy and its devastating social, economic and political impact, including it ripple effects throughout the state and across the country. He discusses Hillary Clinton’s foray into Flint, Mich., trolling for votes from people whose water system has left untold thousands poisoned by lead.

The Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee today endorsed Clinton’s candidacy for president. Leid Stories explains why (a) this is no surprise and (b) black communities must reassess their political leadership and options.


Progressive Commentary Hour – 01.26.16 (PART 2)

Neville Hodgkinson is a British journalist who started reporting on the AIDS epidemic in the mid 1980s who has been a medical and science correspondent for the London Sunday Times, Sunday Express and Daily Mail. His many investigations and subsequent articles questioned the mainstream views about HIV and AIDS, including reporting from Africa, Australia and Europe. His book Will To be Well: The Real Alternative Medicine was one of the first to describe wellness and happiness based upon scientific findings. In 1996 he published his scientific critique of the HIV theory in “AIDS: The Failure of Contemporary Science” and continued to write articles for publications such as Continuum, New African, Journal of Scientific Exploration and Business Online. Neville was connected with the creation of the AIDS Advisory Panel of South African President Thabo Mbeki.


Project Censored – 01.05.16

Independent journalist Ann Garrison hosts the program this week. She is a radio, print and online reporter who specializes in the Great Lakes region of Africa. She is a recipient of the Victoire Ingabire Democracy and Peace Prize.

Her first guest, author Edward Herman, discusses his recent book, “Enduring Lies,” examining the falsehoods circulated by Western governments about the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and the ongoing use of that event as an excuse for military intervention around the world. Then Willy Nyamitwe speaks about the efforts by world and regional powers to oust Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza, who was elected to a third term last summer.

Edward Herman is professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania; he writes about politics and media, and is best known as the co-author (with Noam Chomsky) of “Manufacturing Consent.” Willy Nyamitwe is communications director for Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza.


CHRISTINA SARICH – Hungary and Austria Team Up to Regulate Ban on GMOs with Fierce Resolve

In the US we are still swimming from the FDA’s approval of GM salmon, while across the world, member states of the EU, Hungary, and Austria team up to make sure genetically modified food isn’t getting into their countries. Hungary Today reports: “European People’s Party MEPs György Hölvényi of Hungary and Elisabeth Köstinger of Austria organised a conference in Brussels on the …


Russell Mokhiber – The Corporate Case for Single Payer

Mingling among the doctors, nurses and activists at the single payer conferences in Chicago this weekend was one Richard Master. Master is the owner and CEO of MCS Industries Inc., the nation’s leading supplier of wall and poster frames — a $200 million a year company based in Easton, Pennsylvania. Master has just produced a movie — Fix It: Healthcare …


Abayomi Azikiwe – USAFRICOM, An Instrument of “Imperialist Peace-Keeping” in sub-Saharan Africa

Funding from the imperialist states will inevitably prevent genuine peace and security A military exercise by 5,400 troops from various African Union (AU) member-states in South Africa is aimed at the creation of a continental-wide African Standby Force (ASF) designed to engage in peacekeeping and stabilization projects. A preparation process began in late October and continued through the first week of …


Abayomi Azikiwe – US Imperialism and America’s “New Cold War” against Africa

A conference sponsored by the United States State Department began on Aug. 24 in Libreville, Gabon to further promote trade between Wall Street and Africa. Gabon, a former French colony, is an oil producer which has maintained friendly relations with both Paris and Washington. French troops are still stationed in Gabon and have been activated under conditions of mass demonstrations …


Leid Stories – 07.31.15

Continue the Conversation—Or Start One—on “Free Your Mind Friday!” What’s your take on the issues and events we’ve been discussing on Leid Stories? But the field is wide open. Share your thoughts, information, opinions and ideas about anything worthy of further consideration and debate. It’s “Free Your Mind Friday,” and you get to take the conversation wherever you want it …