The Gary Null Show – 05.29.18

Today is May 29th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment. Stress in infancy ‘dramatically alters’ body’s organs, Social pursuits linked with increased life satisfaction, Adolescents with hay fever have higher rates of anxiety and depression, High protein diet associated with small increased heart failure risk in middle-aged men, Carbohydrate Replacement …


Expat Files – 05.20.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #759- SUN, MAY 20- (05-20-2018): #1- Notice on your next visit to Latin America that surveillance cameras are starting to pop up all over the place: What’s that all about? Should we be worried? #2- The lowdown on sending packages and letters to and from friends and relatives up in the states: today we have a snail mail …


Expat Files – 05.13.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #757- SUN, MAY 13- (05-13-2018): #1- What the hell is going in Nicaragua? Part 1: Marches in the streets, people dying at the hands of the cops and the military, my how things change. It used to be such a highly touted and peaceful place for gringos and expats retiring and relocating. Why not so long …

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The Gary Null Show – 04.23.18

Today is April 23rd and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment. The real reason Russia and Syria are being targeted right now, How The War In Syria Is About Oil, Not ISIS, Opinion: The super-rich are damaging the environment – In this opinion piece, Oxford University’s Danny Dorling argues that …


Energy Stew – Can we trust that everything will work out in our lives? – 04.13.18

Do you Wu Wei? I bet you’d like to. It’s a form of living in full trust and moving through life without effort (force). Maybe life is working out in its own way for us and we only think we have huge hurdles on our path. Maybe the hurdles are the way and we can let them bring us wonderful …


Expanding Mind – Psychedelic Bridges – 04.12.18

A conversation with Brazilian anthropologist, conference programmer, and  chacruna.net editor Bia Labate. We cover peyote politics, the bureaucratization of psychedelics, the legalization of ayahuasca circles in the United States, and working with indigenous leaders on the “Sacred Plants in America” conference she recently convened. www.bialabate.net Download this episode (right click and save)


Leid Stories—Winnie Madikizela Mandela Dies at 81: What Manner of Woman?—04.03.18

Download this episode (right click and save) Winnie Madikizela Mandela, who died yesterday afternoon at a hospital in Johannesburg after a long illness, will be honored with a state funeral on April 14, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced yesterday. The announcement touched off new waves of emotion over whether such an honor should be bestowed on the nation’s former first lady, a …


The Plutocracy Report – 03.30.18

In this weeks show Vince starts off talking about what hes noticing in nature from his little part of the world and what we’re seeing with the insect population. Then he mentions a candidate for senate in Michigan that supports giving shotguns to homeless people but has a great foreign policy platform and gets in to the Illinois governor race where a multi …


LOA Today – 03.22.18

Janet’s House Manifestation Report Janet called us last October to ask for our advice regarding wanting to attract a particular house, and she promised to call in again when she had some news. Well, she called at the beginning of this week’s show, and it turned into the story of how she manifested the house of her dreams with her …


Economic Update – Capitalism breeds inequality – 03.18.18

“Updates on how globalization worsened inequality, 1980-2016, workers strike YMCA, UK universities and Oklahoma schools, Quebec doctors reject pay increases, US warns Africa about China, huge Japanese coop movement. Interview Tim Faust on medical care and insurance in US today.   Download this episode (right click and save)