The Vinyl Experience – 02.10.17

VE 320 2 11 17

Blues Project: Flute Thing
Donovan: Hurdy Gurdy Man
Avett Brothers: Kick Drum Heart
Dave Brubeck Quartet: Far More Drums
Johnny Cymbal: Mr. Bass Man
Ray Stevens: Guitarzan
Bread: The Guitar Man
Pearl Jam: Johnny Guitar
Rod Stewart: Mandolin Wind
Ten Years After: Adventures Of A Young Organ
Wiliam Shatner: Mr. Tambourine Man
Kate Bush: The Saxophone Song
Brenda Russell: Piano In The Dark
Tom Waits: The Piano Has Been Drinking
Julius La Rosa: Hey Cumpari


Ian Anson – A tale of two GDPs: Why Republicans and Democrats live in different economic realities

Back in 1992, Democratic strategist James Carville uttered his famous recommendation to Bill Clinton ahead of the 1992 election: “It’s the economy, stupid!” Political scientists beat Carville to the punch, though: As far back as the 1950’s, scholars were uncovering evidence that presidential candidates of the incumbent party tend to win when the economy is strong on Election Day. Presiding over a gloomy economy, in contrast, …


Peter Van Buren – Police are Calculating Your ‘Threat Score’ to Decide How to Treat You

I watched a documentary about North Korea which explained how the government there assigns a score to each citizen, based on how large a threat to the regime s/he is perceived to be. When I lived in Taiwan under a military government years ago, such a number was encoded into every national ID card. Those citizens every interaction with the …



Are kids from more religious families more or less altruistic than their peers from less-religious families? That’s what a high-profile new study from University of Chicago neuroscientist Jean Decety and a global crew of collaborators sought to determine. In the course of the study, published in the journal of Current Biology, the researchers use something called the “children’s dictator game,” a.k.a. stickerpalooza. Here’s how it worked: Step one. Go …


A Bowl of Soul – 11.27.15

A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music Celebrates Classic Soul and New R&B music.

Here are the songs in this broadcast.

Uncle Willie Time – Bobby Miller – R&B – 1965
It’s You That I Need – The Temptations – R&B – 1967
Boogie Oogie Oogie – A Taste Of Honey – R&B/Funk – 1978
Good Times – Chic – R&B/Funk – 1979
Cha Cha – D.R.A.M – Hip Hop – 2015
I’m A Lonely Stranger – Arthur Conley – R&B – 1965
Buying A Book – Joe Tex – R&B/Southern Soul – 1969
Walk Away – Ann Peebles – R&B/Southern Soul – 1969
Room Full of Mirrors – Hiroshima – Smooth Jazz – 2015
Mysterious – Maria Estrella Aggabao – R&B/Neo Soul – 2015
For Who You Are – RES – R&B – 2015

Fracking waste

Long-Awaited EPA Study Says Fracking Pollutes Drinking Water – Anastasia Pantsios

In 2010, Congress commissioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to study the impact of fracking on drinking water. The U.S. EPA released its long-awaited final draft of its report today, assessing how fracking for oil and gas can impact access to safe drinking water. The report refuted the conclusion arrived at by the U.S. EPA’s 2004 study that fracking poses no threat to drinking water, a conclusion used to exempt the …


The Use of Medicinal Marijuana Dates Back Almost 5000 Years – BRYAN HILLARD

In 1997, a hemp rope dating back to 26,900 BC was found in Czechoslovakia, making it the oldest known object to be associated with cannabis. Since that time, hemp has played an important role in humanity’s development. For thousands of years marijuana was not only legal, but an important crop among cultures throughout history, and held commercial, medicinal, and spiritual …