Leid Stories–Be the System’s Worst Nightmare! Free Your Mind!–05.18.18

Your opinions and ideas are so important, they’re the reason for “Free Your Mind Friday,” our weekly open forum. Leid Stories listeners and fans enthusiastically debate the issues of the day, or introduce other topics they believe to be worthy of consideration and debate. It’s an exciting intellectual mashup. Call 888-874-4888 and be part of the mix. Download this episode (right click …


Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 05.17.18

The great DICK MUNSON joins us to talk about the latest insane attempts to bail out our failing nuke power reactors. He also is the author of a major new biography of NIKOLA TESLA. Dick is a brilliant writer/activist and a true national treasure. Don’t miss this show!   Download this episode (right click and save)


Leid Stories—Running Out of Options and Wiggle Room on Multiple Criminal Probes, the Clintons May Play Their Biggest ‘Trump’ Card: Barack Obama!—02.08.18

Bill and Hillary Clinton, veteran survivors of many personal and political battles and scandals, won’t come out of their current predicament unscathed. Their magic formula—deny everything, accuse their accusers, and feed fresh meat to the hounds at their heels—doesn’t seem to be working. They’re smack-dab at the center of multiple criminal investigations, any one of which could net them and …


The Infectious Myth – Scrambling and Schizophrenia with Bob Spirko – 12.12.17

Bob Spirko is well known in the Calgary, Alberta, area, for his website, http://bobspirko.ca, that provides reliable information on many of the mountain scrambles in the local Rocky Mountains. This kind of scrambling has nothing to do with the scrambled sensations of schizophrenia except that, many years ago, Bob suffered from this condition. For reasons he can’t quite explain he decided …