Summer Allen & Jill Suttie – How Our Brains Make Us Generous

A recent series of ground-breaking neuroscience studies suggest that empathy and altruism are deeply rooted in human nature. Each year, people in the United States give billions of dollars to charity. Every day, people volunteer their time to help complete strangers. Routinely, we hear of selfless acts where people put their own lives in danger to help someone else. Economists …


David Shariatmadari – The truth is rushing out there: why conspiracy theories spread faster than ever

I remember reading about Final Fantasy VII, a movie I was really looking forward to. My initial reaction was disappointment that it was two years away – because by then we’d be under military control.” It was 2004, and Matthew Elliott was in deep. Elliott, from San Antonio, Texas, had first been drawn to conspiracy theories when he was 19, …


This Can’t Be Happening – 08.05.15

Today on “This Can’t Be Happening!” journalist Alfredo Lopez talks with colleague and host Dave Lindorff about two stories that intimately concern him. The first is a fierce attack by anti-abortion forces, most likely by hired experts located in Russia or China, on a progressive web-hosting service Lopez helped found, MayFirst.org. Lopez then talks about the debt crisis in Puerto Rico, arguably as bad or worse than the crisis in Greece, but far harder to combat because of the island’s colonial status under US domination.

Hillary Clinton2

Bilderberg chooses Hillary Clinton for 2016

The “official” Bilderberg Group website has released a list of participants for this years upcoming conference. The website also released a list of bullet points that they claim is the agenda for the secretive globalist confab. In the past, Intellihub News and others have confirmed that while the list released by the Bilderberg website does include many who will be there, it also leaves out those that would rather not have …

american decline

The Crisis of the Left and the Decline of Europe and the United States – Roberto Savio

The victory of the Conservative Party and the debacle of the Labour Party in the recent British general elections is yet another sign of the crisis facing left-wing forces today, leaving aside the question of how, under the British electoral system, the Labour Party actually increased the number of votes it won but saw a reduction in the number of …