The Gary Null Show – 07.12.17

Download this episode (right click and save) Today is July 12th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. Gary sets time aside today to play an audio clip from NEW PROOF: We’re Being Lied Into War AGAIN  


How to Build a Culture of Good Health

“I never get angry,” says a character in one of Woody Allen’s movies. “I grow a tumor instead.” Much more scientific truth is captured in that droll remark than many doctors would recognize. Mainstream medical practice largely ignores the role of emotions in the physiological functioning of the human organism. Yet the scientific evidence abundantly shows that people’s lifetime emotional …

Social Engineering and the Imposition of a “Free Market” Totalitarian Ideology By John Stanton

“The citizens whose lives are split between business and private life, their private life between ostentation and intimacy, their intimacy between the sullen community of marriage and the bitter solace of being entirely alone, at odds with themselves and with everyone, are virtually already Nazis who are at once enthusiastic and fed up or the city dwellers of today who …